EP Bauman Johannesburg - museum will be open for public viewing until 30 May 2015

E.P. Baumann Primary commemorates International Museum Day (18 May 2015) with 

its own Museum documenting 80 years in existence. 

The rich, progressive history of E.P. Baumann Primary since its inception in 1934 has been well 

documented and preserved. This fascinating history was uncovered and displayed in our very 

own museum for our 80th Birthday Festival. On the day of the Festival, 21 March 2015, past 

learners and staff members from as early as the 1930s came in droves to the school. They met 

up with fellow peers and took a great interest and enjoyment in the Museum. As a result, there 

was a request from members of the Gauteng Department of Education and the general public 

to not dismantle the museum after the Festival. 

The museum has been open for public viewing every Saturday morning since 9 May 2015 and 

will remain open until 30 May 2015. This open viewing also coincides with International 

Museum Day, 18 May 2015. To commemorate the day, the school will be giving tours to its 

current learners over the course of two days (18 May/19 May). 

We welcome your organisation, as part of a coverage on International Museum Day, to come 

and view our remarkable museum which documents a school of diversity which has made a 

significant impact on many lives. A promotional video is also available on request. 

To contact the school for more information and to find out more about the school and its 

80th Birthday Celebrations: 

Tel: 0118372719 

Cell: 079 9777 177 

Email: epbaumann80th@gmail.com

Facebook: "E.P.Baumann 80th Birthday Reunion” and “E.P.Baumann Primary”. 

Twitter: @epb80th. 

Instagram: epbaumann

You Tube: E.P. Baumann Primary 

Media Spokespersons: Ms S. Randles (Acting Principal) 

 Ms. R. M. Saloojee (HOD – Foundation Phase) 

 Ms. S. Wadee (Educator) 

 Ms. D. Mansoor (Secretary) 

Share in the memories. Share in the fun.

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