Cara's 3rd Birthday Party - Jolene V Photography- Cape Town

Cara's 3rd Birthday Party - Jolene V Photography- Cape Town

Does a kids picnic party with high energy activities sound like the perfect kids' party idea for your little boy or girl? Take a look at our first feature of Jolene V Photography, Cape Town. She captures this lovely toddler girls birthday party at a public park and picnic spot, the Jack Muller Park, in Bellville, Cape Town.  I remember our co-blogger Charlene mentioned that they had her niece's party at Greenpoint park early last year. Visiting a public park with access control might be the ideal solution for an affordable outdoor venue to host a party as you can bring your own decor, food and party packs- yeah! 

I sincerely hope you enjoy the work of Jolene and find some inspiration and appreciation for the beautiful little things in life. Welcome, Jolene!

Regards- Tanya

Public park picnic party spot in Cape Town, Northern suburbs

Cara had her birthday in October and lucky for all, the weather played along for an outdoor party. Wide open spaces and kids go hand in hand, add their set of wheels and you're sure your little angel will have a peaceful afternoon nap. Family and friends shared loads of laughter on this special birthday celebration. Three generations at one birthday party - what a blessing! The kids were running all over playing tag, riding bikes, climbing on the jungle gym and having their faces painted. I love capturing the expressions on children's faces. They are who they are, so honest, and have no problem expressing themselves - those are the moments I'm looking for. When party time was over, each received a balloon and could hop home happily ever after. - Jolene

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<p>a Lovely, colorful event, decor and table setting</p>

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The kids loved face painting party activities

Party decor Ideas| Girls| Kids Party Venues

The birthday cake surprise - a naked rainbow sweets party cake

Party decor Ideas| Girls| Kids Party Venues Bellville

a Special memory captured by Jolene V photography - a memory to treasure for years

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Kids parties are the ideal events to capture a family portrait

Party decor Ideas| Girls| Kids Party Venues

Kids parties- a time to connect with nature and family

About Jolene V Photography

"Though our lives are filled with blessings, we are often living at such a fast pace that we don’t see those smiles, remember those first discoveries or appreciate those wrinkles that tell a story of a life well lived. This is where my passion lies. To give you the opportunity to take time off from life’s rushing pace and share it with me and my camera so that I, in return, can put a little magic into an ordinary day or your child’s birthday party. Families are very close to my heart and so family, whether yours or mine, have a very special place in my photography-heart. My own family (my cycling enthusiast husband and my princess daughter and busy body son) cheers me on in following my photography passion. I’m privileged to still have both my parents in my life, also two brothers and a wonderful extended family. I treasure the albums I received from my grandpa before he passed away. Photographs telling stories of times he shared with family and friends, the army and weddings. Photographs of what life was like when he was still a child. I always try to imagine what life was like for him then. My favorite photograph is one of him on his horse, Adel, taken in 1945. A small 6.5cm x 11cm black and white photo of this barefoot-farm- girl (kaalvoet plaaskind). Very interestingly it seems to have been a trend to send a photo of yourself to friends over the Christmas holidays with a little note of best wishes written on the back. More recently I discovered a photograph of my son which I’ve taken when he was almost 1 year old. I had put it in one of my notebooks, which I don’t use as often, and when I paged through it, I came across the photo and it brought a smile to my face. Remembering, cherishing, valuing and again appreciating the little blessing afforded to me. With my photography, I wish to afford you such moments when paging through the coffee table book of your child’s first birthday or the printed photographs of your princess’s matric ball." - Jolene

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