Capegate's Summer Splash- everything you need to know

Capegate's Summer Splash- everything you need to know

It is sizzling in Cape Town! Do you have a pool? We do not, so you can imagine how happy my children were when I told them that we would be going to a water park, right on our doorstep i.e. Capegate's Summer Splash!

Although the summer holidays have officially kicked off, my children are still in half-day holiday care. After pickup time- I asked them to take a short afternoon nap and placed a cold, wet cloth over them to help cope with the heat. As they woke, about 40 minutes later I revealed the big secret. They scurried about and got dressed in under five minutes! Oh, the excitement! # PARENTINGWIN!

The Capegate Summer Splash tropical beach is clearly visible from Okovango Road and the closest entrance is via gate 4. As media, we were welcomed with drinks and snacks, almost too beautiful to eat. My kids, however, gave the snacks one look and charged towards the first "front water slide".

Media Food and Snacks at Cape Gate | Things to do With Kids Cape Town

I was totally impressed with my five-year-old who followed in his sister's footsteps and took on the challenge. They moved from one obstacle to the next until they finally reached the largest one, the giant inflatable water slide, which is 5m high, 22m long and 6m wide. My son climbed all the way to the top but when it was his turn to go, tears started pouring down his face. He was torn in two. Should he go, or should he stay? My mind started racing...

Tiger mom: "Come on, boy- you can do it. You are brave!"

Helicopter mom: "Okay my son, breathe in, step back, wait a while, do this then that.."

Outsourcer: this was me... looking over my shoulder thinking "surely someone else can help?"

I weighed my options, considered taking my shoes and camera off and climbing up there to "save" him when one of the lovely team members started climbing up towards him. My son checked with me first, as if asking if it is okay to be picked up by a "stranger". I nodded and he was returned to the ground safe and sound. Two bear hugs later and he started using the lower slides again with the same level of excitement as before.

Below to the left is the slide he made up... and down via the stairs instead of the slide:) Thank you again to our dear helper!
Cape Gate various slides

I met up with their marketing manager and asked a quick few questions as I know you will ask me on social media (that is what we are here for!)

  • Safety- Gapegate offers good crowd control and children are advised to take turns. Water is shallow so I see no need for floating devices. Still, it is water and one should always be vigilant. The area is enclosed and has access control but you will of course still have to keep an eye on your own children.
  • Gear- Some children used goggles as they don't like water in their faces. I would advise on sunscreen, towels and full swimsuits to prevent excessive chafing. (Yes we returned with some bumps and bruises- but it was totally worth it according to my daughter!)
  • Water- Capegate does not use municipal water. They recycle and source their own water.
  • Affordability- Tickets cost R85 for 90 minutes and R125 for 3 hours of fun! Accompanying parents (non-riders) will pay a fee of R40 (again this helps with crowd control). Ticket prices include access to all activities. Parking is free if you park outdoors.

After about an hour and a half, the kids worked up an appetite and had some snacks. As the car pulled onto Okavango road my son uttered a satisfied sigh, followed by a "thank you, mommy, for taking us there. It was great!" with my daughter soon to follow! Happiness.

How much does Cape Gate Summer Splash cost?

The low down, Capegate Summer Splash dates, times and cost:

When: 6 December – 11 January (except Christmas and New Year’s Day), Who: Best enjoyed by kids aged 5 – 13 years old, but everyone is welcome!

Cost: Tickets cost R85 for 90 minutes and R125 for 3 hours

What can you expect:

- giant inflatable water slide, which is 5m high, 22m long and 6m wide;

- a front water slide at 8m wide and 15m long;

- wave simulating slide that is 3m high, 10m long;

- a two-lane inflated foam slip and slide;

- paddle boats;

- a surfboard simulating station;

- dunk tank;

- 240 square meter raised sandpit.

Shaded areas and seating will be available, along with a refreshment station to complete the beach vibe!

Added bonus- weekends activities at Capegate:

Every Saturday, during the event dates, Capegate Summer Splash participants can also enjoy a fun beach-themed workshop or activity at NO EXTRA COST. These sessions include sand-building and kite-making workshops, a water wars challenge as well as a beach treasure hunt!

For more information and a full entertainment schedule, visit

Notes from Capegate:

*The ticket box will not be accepting cash – there will be card facilities available. All children under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Indemnity forms to be completed for all children. No food to be brought in to Summer Splash. Bring your own towel and sunscreen!



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