Black Friday - What is it about

Even though we do not celebrate Thanks Giving, some retailers are happy to find an excuse for a promotion.  And who could blame them?

So what is Black Friday about?  

Obviously it is about shopping, and crazy-can't-miss-have-to-buy specials, and that is exactly where the name comes from. In Philidelphia, during the 60's so many people headed to the shops that it caused majour disruptions in traffic and the law enforcement officers who were on duty on the day started referring to is as Black Friday.

Other explanations of the name include it being the last day shoppers start in the Black before the holidays, and that it is the day retailers finally get into the black, after a year spent in the red.

Whatever the reason for the name, black Friday left the shores of the US and now it is in SA.  So to make sure you are not left out, we have a little something for you.  Spree is discounting their prices up to 80% off, so if you feel like getting a piece of the Sale madness, just click our affiliate image below.  We also have an SAA Black Fly day banner for those of you who have not booked your flights yet.


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